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Striated Metal Roof

TrueBlueRoofs is a family-owned and operated roofing company for the last 24+ years. The company has spent two decades installing and repairing metal roofs for residential and commercial clients across the country. Our experienced team takes pride in providing durable and visually-appealing metal roofing using the latest techniques and highest-quality materials on the market. As leading metal roofing experts, we offer a wide selection of metal roof styles and finishes to enhance the look of any property while providing strength and reliability.

Types of Metal Roof Panels

Metal Roofs are beautiful and can last up to 50 years with little maintenance!

With so many options available when it comes to roofing, we trust our clients homes to Sound-Lok Metal Roofing. It’s a versatile option with its beauty, strength, durability, light weight, energy efficiency, non combustibility and other ecological features.

Sound-Lok metal roofing will not crack, shrink, chip, attract moss, rot or erode. Minimal maintenance is required. It is noncombustible and meets building and fire codes.

It’s also available in a variety colors, styles, materials and finishes. From the distinctive look of the standing seam system to the classic appearance of asphalt, tile or cedar.

We provide a variety of colors, widths and panels.

Roof Metal Panel Types

V-Ribs Metal 

V-Rib metal roofing panels feature prominent V-shaped ridges that run along the length of the panel. These panels provide excellent water shedding and are commonly used for agricultural, industrial, and commercial applications.

Striated Metal

Striated metal roof panels have subtle, parallel ridges that add strength and visual appeal. These Striations are well-suited for residential and light commercial buildings, offering a sleek appearance with enhanced weather resistance.

Bead Ribs Metal

Bead Ribs panels boast a distinctive bead-like pattern across the surface, adding a touch of elegance to the roof. This panel type is often used in architectural designs, providing both aesthetics and functionality.

Flat Metal

Flat metal roof panels offer a smooth, clean look without any ridges or patterns. They are commonly used for modern and minimalist architectural styles, providing a sleek and understated appearance.

Pencil Ribs Metal

Pencil Ribs panels feature narrow, fine ridges resembling pencil lines. This roof panel type offers a subtle textured look suitable for various residential and commercial applications.

Clip Relief Metal

Clip Relief metal roof panels are designed with notches or cutouts along the edges to facilitate easy installation and enhance the overall roof’s performance. This type is preferred for its efficiency and quick installation process.


Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing consists of interlocking metal panels that are vertically joined together. The standing seam roofs, constructed with interlocking standing seam panels, offer unparalleled durability and a sleek aesthetic. These panels, featuring vertical legs and a raised seam at the top, are securely joined with either a mechanical seam seam or a pre-formed snap-lock design. This concealed fastener system not only enhances the roof’s clean lines but also ensures superior weather resistance compared to traditional roofs. Proper standing seam panel attachment is critical to prevent roof leaks and wind damage over time. We offers double lock standing seam metal panels for maximum strength and weather resistance. With minimal maintenance required, the standing seam roof could be a wise investment, offering decades of protection and timeless style for your home.

Advantages of Striated Metal For Your Roofs

When it comes to roofing materials, few offer the durability, energy efficiency, customization, aesthetic appeal, and fire resistance of striated metal roofs.

  • Durability: Metal is one of the most durable roofing materials available. The striated metal panels are extremely resistant to weathering, lasting 2-3 times longer than asphalt shingles. The ribbed design also provides added structural integrity. You can rely on a striated metal roof to provide protection from the elements for decades.
  • Energy Efficiency: The reflective nature of bare metal roofing helps reduce cooling costs during warm weather. Striated metal panels allow for air circulation, which improves ventilation and helps regulate interior temperatures. This can lead to savings on energy bills.
  • Customization: Striated metal roofs provide numerous customization options. Various metals like steel, aluminum, and copper are available. You can choose from many different color finishes in smooth, matte, or glossy styles. The striation patterns themselves come in straight lines, curved ridges, or diagonal designs. This allows you to match your home’s look.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A striated metal roof provides a modern, sleek architectural accent to any home. The clean lines and luster of metal are beautiful yet understated. This can complement both traditional and contemporary house styles.
  • Fire Resistance: Unlike combustible asphalt shingles, metal roofing is non-combustible and Class A fire rated. You can rest assured your striated metal roof will not ignite from stray embers


The Roofing Services We Offer

New Roof Installation

The key to a successful striated metal roof starts with proper installation. Our team will provide a free consultation to understand your home and preferences. We take exact measurements and custom order the panels to ensure a precise fit. Our installers use the latest techniques to securely fasten the metal roofing while minimizing any penetrations. We handle the entire process from permitting to final inspection.

Existing Roof Replacement

Has your current asphalt, tile, or aging metal roof seen better days? TrueBlueRoofs excels at completely replacing old metal roofing panel systems with new, beautiful striated metal roofing. We can match panels to your existing home style or suggest a modern upgrade. Our technicians will properly dispose of the old roofing material as well. Let us revitalize the look and function of your home with a striated metal roof replacement.

Repairs and Maintenance

Already have a metal roof but notice some problem areas? TrueBlueRoofs also provides repairs and maintenance services for existing metal roofs. From fixing minor seam roof leaks to replacing damaged panels, we have the skill to properly service metal roof systems while preserving warranties. Regular upkeep is key to maximizing the lifespan of your striated metal roof.



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Lora Zanin
Super honest company, didn't want to try to sell me a roof that I didn't need. Let me know the rest of the life of the roof. Nice, polite guy.
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Ryan was Honest
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Gilbert Matalobos
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Aaron Fell
Phenomenal customer service and honesty. We didn’t feel like they were trying to pressure us into purchasing anything, it was a very honest experience. Everyone was really kind, professional and very respectful and friendly towards our kids and their constant questioning everything…!! It seemed like they took extra care and concern to detail. Can’t recommend enough.
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Alyssa Forque
Update: all 3 crews that worked on the 3 projects were amazing. The roofing team was fast and very efficient. The windows make a huge difference. Night and day difference in our living room. Our heat pump was turning on at 7 am due to the amount of heat the windows let in. Now not until 4/5 pm. And our gutters are larger and look great with the house. Overall Amazing team from start to finish. Original: Ryan came to do our bid. Hands down greatest experience. Walked me through the whole process. Answered all my questions, and was able to give us everything we wanted and needed.
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Deborah Burnham
We are just getting started we are getting full roof and gutters Mr Ryan Thielcame was very open to the point very helpful any and all questions he relayed to listen to us he made us feel very comfortable with our design to use your company to replace our whole roof not once did we feel pressure or overwhelmed thank you cant wait to see my roof done god bless gods speed
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Jessica Tamasha
They did a great Job and their price was reasonable
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Dave Waller
Ryan is a great representative of the company. He's very personable and knowledgeable about roofing and siding. He thoroughly inspected our house and even went up into the attic to make sure to find everything that needs attention. He gave a fair bid and we are looking forward to working with his crew!
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jarl cantley
A big shout of thanks to Rodney! He was very professional, no pressure sales, and provided overall great customer service. It makes me forward to the replacement and final completion of our project.


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