How to Identify and Minimize Storm Damage in Bonney Lake

Heavy rain and high winds are frequent in Bonney Lake, as is the storm damage they cause to roofs. If your contractor incorrectly installed the roofing system, used inadequate materials, or you fail to perform regular inspections, minor damage can rapidly escalate into major repairs. Fortunately, you can avoid issues like these when you hire a professional such as True Blue Roofing for your next roof replacement.

Why it Pays to Hire an Expert for Your Next Roof Replacement

Although storm damage typically brings fallen branches and debris, that is not the only problem to look out for once the heavy winds have passed. 

Most wind damage occurs on a roof’s edge. Gusts lift corners, and while this can start small, it will worsen with constant exposure to the wind. Before long, water will penetrate the roof and enter the home, damaging the walls and ceiling.

You can avoid this issue if the material on the roof’s edge and corners is strong enough – and in good condition – to withstand high winds. With a professional roof replacement, you will get edging that designed for this purpose. You can also hire the company to inspect your roof every 1-2 years. Both will help you keep you one step ahead of future repairs or replacements.

Storm damage will also lead to a leaking roof when wind loosens shingles or breaks your gutters. Even a moderate gust can send branches onto your roof, and with loose shingles, there is a considerable risk of water seeping into your home. Once inside, damp, mold, and rot can set in, especially if left untreated.

Similarly, a broken gutter can pose a threat by sending water streaming down the walls of your property, instead of safely entering the drain. While easy to spot, it can be tricky – and dangerous – to fix on your own, so you are better off calling in the experts.

Minimize Storm Damage with the Experts at True Blue Roofing

Even though high winds can cause a leaking roof, you can avoid severe damage by hiring a professional to not only install your new roof, but also to conduct regular inspections. 

Here at True Blue Roofing, we take pride in providing our Bonney Lake customers with high-quality roofing services, from inspections to replacements.

We install certified roofs with a guaranteed product and a guaranteed labor warranty. Prevent storm damage from ruining your home, get your free estimate today.