Roof Repair After a Storm: What is the Most Common Damage?

South Prairie sees multiple winter storms each year. The high winds and torrential rains they bring can loosen shingles and cause water to seep into your home. Unless this damage is professionally fixed, and often it needs immediate repair, you will face expensive repair bills.

Luckily, you can fix the following examples of roof damage and avoid escalating costs with a free roof estimate. It is always best to ask a trusted local roofer to perform these assessments, someone like True Blue Roofing.

Debris on Your Roof Causes Damage Which Can Lead to Hefty Repair Costs

Wind can seriously damage your roof, especially the strong gusts common during a winter storm. One of the most common examples of roof repair after a storm is fixing the roof’s shingles. Shingles play a key role in waterproofing your roof, because they prevent rainwater from seeping into the building. This protection becomes compromised when wind causes the shingles to tear off or curl. It is therefore important to have a local roofer repair these holes as soon as possible, to avoid expensive repairs.

Another reason you might need a roof repair after a storm is if water accumulates in the gutters. Clogged gutters prevent rainwater from flowing down the pipes and into the drain. If you allow leaves, branches, or other debris to gather in your gutters, it will not be long until the water backs up and starts to rot your home’s guttering. Regular maintenance can clear gutters of debris before the leaks begin.

Urgently Need Roof Repair After a Storm? Call a South Prairie Expert!

Debris can also damage your roof when it strikes your roof. Tree branches are the usual culprit, but other items that strike your roof during high winds can also leave you with a hefty repair bill. Trimming back dangerous branches and clearing your yard of loose objects before a storm can help minimize the damage.

Most roof damage is avoidable with regular maintenance; other issues require a more comprehensive repair. In situations like these, it is best to get a free roof estimate from a dependable local roofer.

Here at True Blue Roofing, we have 24 years of experience repairing and installing roofs for homeowners in South Prairie.

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