Timely and Professional Roof Repair in Renton

Residents in Renton are all too aware of the damage extreme weather inflicts on roofs. If left unchecked, the leaks this damage potentially causes can devastate your home and result in massive repair bills. Fortunately, at True Blue Roofing, we provide roof repair services that tackle these issues before they turn into a financial headache.

Why It Pays to Proactively Invest in Roof Repair

Weather can impact your roof in numerous ways. 

When snow and ice form on your roof, this frozen precip can form a dam. If the homeowner allows this problem to get too big, water will build behind the dam and eventually seep underneath the shingles. Before too long, this water will then drip into the insulation and penetrate the ceiling. Whenever water enters the home, it causes mold growth and can result in expensive cleanup bills to repair the damage and prevent the mold from spreading.

Your troubles do not end there.

In high winds, debris, such as falling branches, can hit your roof and loosen shingles or chimney flashing (the thin layer of metal that usually directs water away from the joint where the chimney meets the roof). You may need to replace the flashing if leaks occur around the sealed area.

Sadly, many people only spot these problems when the damage is so extensive that they must replace the entire roof. These replacement jobs can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete. They can take even longer if an inexperienced contractor installs the roof in a way that causes further leaks and lengthier repairs to fix their inferior quality of work.

True Blue Roofing Provides Quality Roof Repair Services

You will save yourself from roof replacement, but also months of disruption, if you hire a professional to fix leaking roofs before a minor problem escalates into a costly nightmare.

Here at True Blue Roofing, we have been applying our experience and expertise to protect homes since 2011. Our team conducts roof repairs that address issues such as: 

  • Damaged, missing, or improperly installed chimney flashing 
  • Loose or missing shingles

Damage or wear-and-tear to the roof deck

With True Blue Roofing near your Renton home, you can count on licensed, bonded, and insured roofers who know how to get your roof back in shape, protecting your home and all it contains from the elements. 

Get ahead of potentially pricey roof replacements by scheduling your free inspection today