Trusted and Proven Solution for Leaking Roofs in Newcastle

Metal roofs are the most durable roofing system money can buy. They are also a sensible choice for homeowners in Newcastle, which sees its fair share of wind and rain. However, one key component can spell financial disaster if fitted incorrectly: screws. Even this most hardy of materials will lead to a leaking roof if your contractor made one of three critical errors during the installation process. That is why it makes sense to have your metal roof fitted by the certified experts here at True Blue Roofing. With our knowledge – and training – you will avoid the following screw-related issues, and hefty repair bills.

3 Reasons Why Your Screws May be to Blame for Your Leaking Roof

Metal is the perfect choice if you are looking for a new roof that will protect your property – and its contents – from the elements. Despite this, your roof will not perform its job if the screws are unable to form a tight seal that stops water from seeping into your home. Inexperienced contractors often make one of three mistakes when fitting screws. Each error will result in a broken seal.

The first of these mistakes is when a roofer drives the screws in too much. In this scenario, you will end up with damaged panels and water seeping through the ensuing cracks.

While it is vital not to tighten the screws too much, it is equally important not to under-tighten them either. When it is not driven in enough, the rubber at the base of the screw cannot form a seal. In this case, it will not be long before leaks begin to damage the interior of your home.

Finally, your contractor needs to ensure the screw has been driven in at the right angle. If not, you are looking at a repeat of the problem above, in other words no seal and water penetrating your property.

Certified and Guaranteed Leaking Roof Solutions in Newcastle

Even though poorly fitted screws can lead to a leaking roof and spiraling nightmare of repair bills, you can avoid this by choosing a contractor who employs expert roofers like True Blue Roofing

The manufacturers do not just certify our team to install their products, we also offer a guaranteed labor warranty. We have been serving the Newcastle area for 24 years, fitting new roofs that keep you and your family safe. Avoid endless roof repairs by asking us for a free estimate today.