Three Most Common Examples of Wind Damage on Your Roof

While roofs are designed to withstand the elements, they can be damaged during winter storms. When a roof sustains snow or wind damage, it will need to be professionally repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, homeowners in Preston may not be unaware of the damage these storms can cause until it is too late.

We will look at the three most common ways high winds or snow on your roof can damage your property. We will also suggest ways to spot problems early and ensure repairs are conducted properly the first time.

Fix Minor Damage Now and Protect Your Family from the Elements

The first signs of a wind damaged roof are missing shingles or loose nails. While these are almost invisible from ground level, roofing contractors can easily spot them when they inspect your roof during our free roof estimate. Damaged shingles or loose nails can be a genuine problem if unrepaired. This is because water from rain showers or melted snow on your roof usually flows off your roof and into the gutters. Unfortunately, loose nails and damaged shingles allow this water to enter your home. If you fail to act quickly, this can turn into a severe problem, as mold, rot, and damp take hold.

Broken or clogged rain gutters are another sign of wind damage to your roof. High winds can send branches and other debris into your home. If these strike the gutters, they can prevent water from running into the drains, and send it cascading down walls instead.

Another gutter-related issue relates to clogging. During storms, leaves and other debris can settle on your roof and gutters. If the debris does not get removed as soon as possible, water will again not flow away from the roof, potentially causing the sidings to rot.

Repair Your Wind Damaged Roof with Local Roof Expert True Blue Roofing

We have covered three types of damage caused by high winds or snow. However, no matter which of these issues you are faced, it is important to act fast to avoid minor wind damage repairs turning into a major financial headache. What is more, it is vital that experts fix the problems, allowing your roof to again protect you and your family from the elements.

Luckily, homeowners in Preston can call on the experts here at True Blue Roofing.

We have over 20 years of experience, and are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. As a result, you can be confident that no matter the problem, you will get a quality repair guaranteed to last. Contact us today for a free roof estimate.