Hire Certified Roofers to Install a New Roof on Your Tacoma House

Roofs do not last forever. When it is time to have a new roof installed, call True Blue Roofing.  We are roof experts and understand how the rain and wind can affect home roofs in Tacoma. Sometimes a roof needs to be replaced sooner than expected. There are several reasons for an early replacement. While we do our best to repair a roof instead of replacing it, there are occasions when replacement is the only viable option. Our certified roofer will discuss the different options available when presenting your free roof estimate.

You Might Need a New Roof for Your Tacoma House if You are Concerned

  1. There are multiple shingles missing all over the roof or in one focused area. (Do you find a lot of shingles in your yard after each wind storm?)
  2. There is a large tree branch on your roof. You are concerned that the branch might have put a hole in the roof.
  3. The roof is covered thick with moss and the health of the roof is in question.
  4. You have leaks inside of the house and you suspect that the roof is the cause.
  5. You have lived in your house for 20 or more years and the roof is looking like it needs to be replaced.

Hiring Roof Experts Ensures Your Roof is Installed Correctly

An incorrectly installed roof wastes your money, time, and roofing materials. It also does not protect you, your family, and your belongings from the elements including heat, wind, and the Pacific Northwest rain.

When speaking with one of our roof experts, be sure to ask if there are any promotions available for a new roof installation. A full roof replacement, while it is an investment, is expensive. We do our best to make sure that your new roof will maximize your purchase and increase the value of your home.

Schedule Annual Maintenance of Your New Roof from Day One Your Home

  1. After your new roof is installed, remember to discuss an annual maintenance plan with the certified roofer. Taking care of your roof on a regular basis keeps it lasting for years to come. Just like a regular schedule with the dentist for teeth cleaning, your roof needs to be cleaned and checked on, too.
Give us a call at True Blue Roofing. We look forward to scheduling your free roof estimate today!