Experienced Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Sumner

Metal roofs are exceptionally durable, which is especially important in Sumner and the surrounding area, with its above-average rainfall. While heavy rain and high winds can cause havoc on a traditional roof, these are much less of a problem when you opt for a metal solution. Despite their benefits, problems can arise if your roof is incorrectly installed. That is why it is always best to hire a professional to install your roof and conduct any metal roof repairs. Thankfully, homeowners in Sumner and around can rely on the certified roofers at True Blue Roofing to do an excellent job, first time round.

Why You Should Work with Experienced Metal Roof Contractors

While a metal roof can last 50 years, you will be plagued with leaks and repair headaches if your contractor made one or more of the following mistakes during the installation phase. 

Sealants protect your roof from the elements. If applied incorrectly, water and grime will penetrate the structure of your home and damage its interior. With this in mind, your contractor must use a special sealant that adheres to the panel’s paint and expands without breaking its seal. 

The second common mistake that inexperienced contractors make when installing a metal roof is to install the wrong underlayment or skip it altogether. Underlayment protects your home against condensation and prevents water damage. You need a contractor who follows the building code and knows which underlayment to use for your specific roof.

Fasteners can be another source of hefty metal roof repair bills. Roofers need to screw them in properly, with just the right amount of resistance, not too much and not too little. Getting this right is a skill they acquire with the proper training certification. 

Avoid Costly Repairs with a Free Roof Estimate from True Blue Roofing

Metal is a durable solution, but only when professionally installed. That is why you should always work with an experienced contractor like True Blue Roofing. 

We keep residents in Sumner safe and dry, and save them from costly metal roof repair bills, because we care about the service we provide. All our roofers are trained and certified to install our metal roof products. Not only that, but we also work with guaranteed products and offer a guaranteed labor warranty. 

Get your free roof estimate today to ensure you have your home covered by professionals who care.