Reliable and Expert Missing Shingles Repair for Your Home in Lynnwood

When people think of wind damage, they imagine their roof ripped off, and the interior exposed to the elements. However, that is a far from common scenario in Lynnwood. A more typical effect of intense winds, and extreme weather in general, is missing shingles. If not spotted and repaired quickly, even the loss of one or two of these protective coverings can cause water to seep into your home. 

One Missing Shingle, Two Missing Shingles, More Missing Shingles

However, all is not lost. Understanding the havoc that damaged shingles can cause and bringing in an expert such as True Blue Roofing to repair them, can help homeowners avoid substantial repair bills.

The Three Most Common Problems Caused by Missing Roof Shingles

First, it is important to note that even a few damaged shingles can cause leaks. Once inside your property, water will damage not only the roof, but also floorboards and insulation. If you fail to fix these shingles, a minor repair can soon become a costly repair bill as you deal with the ensuring damp, mold, and rot.

Apart from the obvious problems caused by water leaks, missing shingles can also seriously damage the structure of your home. Once roof beams start to rot, damp can weaken the walls and roof, leading both to collapse if unrepaired.

Wind damage is not the only problem you need to worry about. In fact, hot weather can be just as dangerous. Dry and warm air, and a constant temperature change, can stretch, wear down and condense the weatherproofing and adhesive layers between your shingles. Once exposed to the elements, they lose their protective properties. And once that happens, water leaks during the wet months will not be too far behind.

Repair Missing Shingles with the Experts at True Blue Roofing

While wind damage, or stifling air and changing temperatures, can lead to – or aggravate – the damage caused by missing shingles, there is a solution. Homeowners in Lynnwood should bring in expert roofers to perform annual maintenance and prevent shingle issues from ruining their home. 

That is where the roof experts at True Blue Roofing can help. We are in the top 2% of Washington Roofers and are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. Our roofers have been trained by the product manufacturers. As a result, you can relax, knowing that our roofers will replace and install your missing shingles correctly. Get in touch today for a free maintenance or repairs quote.