True Blue is Here for You and Your Roof on Your Home in Federal Way

Roofs do not last forever. When it is time to have a new roof installed, call True Blue Roofing.  We are roof experts and understand how the rain and wind can affect home roofs in Tacoma. Sometimes a roof needs to be replaced sooner than expected. There are several reasons for an early replacement. While we do our best to repair a roof instead of replacing it, there are occasions when replacement is the only viable option. Our certified roofer will discuss the different options available when presenting your free roof estimate.

Roof Leaks Can Cause Damage Inside and Outside of Your Home

  1. The area around the cause of the leak on the roof can deteriorate due to the excessive moisture.
  2. Water leaking into the home can damage the support beams under the roof.
  3. Water leaking into a room weakens the ceiling’s sheetrock. Over time, this can bubble and create an even larger leak (or waterfall) into that room and surrounding areas.
  4. Water leaks stain the ceiling. In addition to being a good sign that there is a serious leak, water stains on the ceiling are not pleasant to look at each time you are in the room.
  5. Over time, water leaks can cause mold and mildew to grow on the ceiling and surrounding areas. This is a health hazard that may require professional mold removal.
  6. Water stains, a leaky roof, and possible compromised structural supports increase the repair costs and decrease the value of your home in Federal Way.

We Understand the Rain and Wind Storms that Happen in Federal Way

When our roofing expert has completed your free roof estimate, be sure to ask about our current promotions. We understand that repairing or replacing a roof is expensive. It is a big hit to the budget and the pocketbook.

Call for Your Free Roof Estimate for Your Home in Federal Way Today!

As local roofers, we know how the rain and windstorms in Federal Way can damage roofs. When we do a free roof inspection, we are looking for things that might cause problems in the future not just what is wrong with your roof now. We feel that preventive maintenance is important when discussing options for roof repair as well as potential roof replacement.