How to Identify and Repair the Roof Hail Damage on Your Kirkland Home

Storms are common in Kirkland, as are the hail they bring. What you may not realize is that even a minor hailstorm can cause major roof damage.

Free Roof Estimates Available for Hail Damage Concerns

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from turning into costly repairs. First, you need to recognize the tell-tale signs of hail damage. Then ask for experts like True Blue Roofing for a free roof estimate to fix the problems or to conduct a roof replacement.

How to Check if Your Kirkland Home Roof Has Suffered Hail Damage

Once the storm has passed, your first task if you have an asphalt roof is to walk around your property. This is to check for the most obvious sign of hail damage including broken shingles on the ground. 

Another sign your asphalt roof has been damaged is if you find granules – the final layer added to shingles – in your gutters. In this case, you will need to check the shingles themselves for bare spots or other damage. Once again, if your roof is hard to reach, you should call in professionals instead of climbing up to conduct an inspection yourself.

While many homeowners think a metal roof is too tough to sustain hail damage, they are wrong. At speed, hail can dent, scratch or poke holes in your roof, even if it is made of metal. This type of damage can be hard to spot if your home is more than two stories tall. That is why it is always best to call the experts at least once a year to conduct a roof maintenance inspection.

Repair Hail Damage to Your Home’s Roof with True Blue Roofing

Although you can spot some hail damage on your own, other signs that a repair is needed may only be spotted during a professional roof inspection. If you do identify any issues, you will want to ask the same experts to conduct repairs or – in the event of severe damage or an old roof – a new roof installed to replace the old one. 

In each of these circumstances, you can rely on the team at True Blue Roofing. We have been serving Kirkland and the surrounding area for over 24 years and are in the top 2% of Washington roofers. We take pride in delivering a high-quality service, with our trusted team of fully trained, licensed, and bonded roofers ready to repair your hail damage and get your roof back in perfect shape. Get in touch today for a free roof estimate.