Tips for Preventing Home Roof Damage Nightmares this Winter in Fife

Winter storms are a frequent problem in Fife. The snow, ice, and wind they bring can wreak havoc on your home but are a particular threat to its roof. Ice dams can block gutters, impacted snow can collapse your roof or cause water leaks that penetrate your home. Preventing roof damage is therefore a top winter priority.

Taking Prevention Steps Now Can Reduce Roof Repairs Later

Luckily, there are a few tips that can stop the worst of this winter’s weather from turning your roof into a financial headache.

Three Simple Tips to Start Preventing Roof Damage on Your Home

The first tip involves keeping your roof clean to avoid it collapsing from snow and ice load. Wet snow weighs on average twenty pounds per cubic foot. Add on ice, and the load increases. As a result, any additional weight from unremoved debris, such as branches and leaves, can cause a roof – especially an old one – to collapse. Since most roofs are hard to reach, it is a good idea to leave roof maintenance like this to certified roofers.

The second way to prevent winter storms from ruining your roof is to repair any existing damage before the winter months arrive. Snow and ice will turn small cracks into large holes. Consequently, water will find a way into your home, and – if left unchecked – will soon lead to mold and water damage. Once again, annual roof maintenance by a qualified roofer can spot and repair any defects before the freezing weather sets in.

The third and final tip that can save you costly roof repairs is to maintain the area around your home. During winter storms, loose branches – especially on older trees – can snap off in high winds. Not only are flying branches a threat to your windows or anyone outside the home, but they can also cause considerable damage to your roof shingles, gutters, and sidings. You should always leave tree maintenance to the professionals.

Preventing Roof Damage with True Blue Roofing Maintenance and Repairs

Winter storms and the damage they cause are a problem that homeowners in Fife cannot afford to ignore. Thankfully, with the right help, the worst effects of snow and ice can be avoided. 

Annual roof maintenance is the perfect way to prepare your roof, not just for the cold in winter, but also for the heat in summer. However, it is important to work with certified roofers, like the team at True Blue Roofing. We have been preventing roof damage in Fife for over 24 years, both with maintenance inspections and repairs. Contact us today for a free maintenance or repairs quote.