How Tree Branches on Your Roof Can Damage Your Fall City Home

Damage caused by tree branches on your roof can be a serious headache for homeowners in Fall City. A couple reasons why this happens are snow accumulation and gusts of wind in winter storms. Whatever the cause, the outcome is always the same: water leaks.

Thankfully, you can prevent most branch-related damage with regular maintenance. You can also prevent major leaks by acting fast and calling in a local roofing expert like our team here at True Blue Roofing.

One More Way to Reduce Tree Branches on Your Home’s Roof in Fall City

During the winter months, Washington sees its fair share of snow. Although they are pretty to look at, snow-laden tree branches are a serious threat to your home for three reasons.

  1. The branches of trees close to your home can snap under the snow’s weight. If these strike your roof’s shingles, they can create a gap that allows water to seep in when the snow starts to thaw.
  2. Tree branches can also break off which can then the high winds can then hurl at your roof. Shingles are not the only part of your roof at risk from these wooden missiles, but gutters can also be damaged. This is especially problematic during the winter months because your guttering needs to channel that season’s torrent of rain and melted snow into the drain. If rain gutters cannot perform this role, water will soon cascade down the walls, weakening the structure and causing dampness.
  3. Fallen tree branches on a roof can threaten its most prominent feature: the chimney stack. Even the slightest damage will worsen over time, as water gets into the cracks and weakens the chimney’s structure, causing it to topple and damage the roof.

Repair the Damage Caused Tree Branches on Roof with True Blue Roofing

Now that you have read how snow on your roof and trees, as well as winter storm damage, can impact your home. There is one more way to minimize the risk they pose. What is that one way? That one way is to cut back trees too close to your property. If you have trees that need to be trimmed, we can provide a tree service recommendation for a company near you in Fall City.

If branches cause damage, you should always call expert roofers like True Blue Roofing!

Our professional roofers can conduct repairs before the damage worsens, and costs escalate. We have 24 years of experience installing and fixing roofs in Fall City, and we are certified, licensed, bonded & insured too. That means you can rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. Contact us for a free quote next time you need to repair the damage caused by tree branches on your roof.