How to Prevent Icicle Related Winter Storm Damage Before It's Too Late

As winter sets in, so does the usual DuPont weather pattern of chilly weather and snowfall. While residents and business owners are powerless to stop the snow from falling, they can prevent one of the riskiest forms of winter storm damage: Icicles.

If left untreated, icicles on your rain gutters pose a serious threat to anyone near your property. Furthermore, the ice dams that cause them can seriously damage your home. Thankfully, once you know how icicles form, and what steps you can take to prevent them, you can avoid unnecessary accidents, potential liability lawsuits, and costly repair bills.

Icicles are a Major Concern for Homes and Businesses in DuPont

Icicles might be an obvious danger to those below though it is how they form is less well known. In fact, snow on your roof is the usual culprit. This is because when snow falls, part of the snow will melt as the temperature rises during the day. The melted snow then drips down to the gutter, where – if the gutter is full of debris – it will freeze again overnight and form an ice dam. Once the dam is in place, water cannot escape, producing icicles on your rain gutters.

These newly formed ice dams pose a serious threat to your property. This is because, as the temperature fluctuates, the water will contract and expand, forcing the gutter away from the roof. If you are lucky, you will only need to fix part of the gutter and secure it back to the roof. However, in the worst case scenario, your gutter will completely collapse, leaving you with thousands of dollars in repair bills or even a full roof replacement.

Prevent Ice Dam Winter Storm Damage in DuPont with True Blue Roofing

Nevertheless, even if your gutters are not damaged, icicles are still a major concern. Falling ice can break bones, and in the U.S., it even leads to an average of fifteen deaths each year.

There are two ways to prevent ice dams and stop the formation of icicles on your rain gutters.

The first is to allow melted snow to flow into the gutter by installing a leaf-free gutter system on your home. The second is to have a professional clean your gutters to remove leaves, twigs, and other material, before winter sets in.

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