Learn about Roof Damage Prevention and Repairs for Your Des Moines Home

Storms are a frequent threat in Des Moines and the surrounding area, as is the roof damage they can leave behind. Strong gusts can be particularly damaging to your roof and cause leaks that result in expensive repair bills.

Do What You Can Yourself and Then Call in the Experts

Thankfully, homeowners can avoid these expensive roof repairs by following three simple steps. If repairs are called for, they can turn to a professional such as True Blue Roofing, for expert help.

Three Simple Steps to Prevent Roof Damage on Your Home

As soon as you hear a storm is on its way, it is time to put the first step in motion: Bring outdoor items inside. That is because during gusts of 50 mph plus, objects lying around your yard or driveway can turn into hazardous projectiles that can strike shingles, chimney, or gutters of your home or your neighbor’s. It is imperative and vital to prevent such wind damage by relocating objects that could leave the ground like outdoor chairs and tables to a location indoors.

The second step to prevent roof damage during high winds does not have to wait for a storm: check if your chimney is crooked. Leaning chimneys can topple over even during a minor storm and damage your shingles in the process. You can easily conduct this check from the ground, no need to take the risky step of climbing onto your roof. Another aspect to watch out for is damaged flashing around the chimney’s base. Once damaged, water will sweep in through the cracks and ruin the interior of your home. Chimney flashing checks can only be done up close, so it is best to leave this to the professionals to do during a roof maintenance inspection.

Roof maintenance is the third and last step. However, as already mentioned, it is best left to the experts for safety reasons. Once you have called them in, a roofing contractor will look for a range of problems, from damaged shingles and flashing to blocked gutters. Maintenance such as this can prevent a minor problem from becoming a major roof repair.

Prevent and Repair Roof Damage with Help from True Blue Roofing

Roof damage can be avoided, or minimized, when you conduct these three steps regularly. But it is important to hand over the riskier inspections, and any roof repairs, to a professional like True Blue Roofing. 

Our team is trained to fix damaged roofs, including those with wind damage, and our work comes with a guaranteed product and labor warranty. Plus, with 24 years of experience helping homeowners in Des Moines, you can rely on us to get the job done right first time. Contact us now for a free maintenance and repair quote.