Certified and Guaranteed House Sidings in Tukwila

Located near the coast, homes in Tukwila suffer more than most from the ravages of Washington’s rain and wind. This is a particular problem for house sidings due to their exposure to the elements, and one that homeowners need to keep an eye on to prevent rot, mold, and structural damage. Luckily, as soon as they notice one of the following signs of damaged house sidings, residents can request a free estimate from an expert contractor, such as True Blue Roofing. We install siding replacements that will stand the test of time – and the region’s weather.

Here's How You Tell It is Time to Replace Your House Sidings

Sidings are the vinyl, wood, or fiber-cement installed on the outside walls of your home. They protect your property, particularly its walls and structure, against water damage. If one of the following occurs, they will not perform this role, and you may need a siding replacement.

The first issue to look out for is warping and buckling. You are more likely to find this with vinyl house sidings that have been too tightly attached. Your contractor must fasten them in a way that enables slight movement, such as expansion and contraction, as the temperature changes. Too tight, and they will warp and buckle, allowing rain to penetrate the walls and damage your home.

A second sign that it is time for a siding replacement is cracking. Sidings can crack for many reasons, but the outcome is always the same: water damage, leading to rot and mold. This is a particular problem where homes are exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as here in the Pacific Northwest.

Rather than being something to look out for, the final most common indicator of a sidings problem relies on a different sense: hearing. When vinyl sidings are not properly attached to your home, they can rattle in high winds. If you hear this sound, you know it is time to call your local roofer for help.

Expert Repairs for Damaged House Sidings by True Blue Roofing

Catching a broken siding early is one way to reduce repair bills. Another is to bring in experts to fix the problem. That is what homeowners in Tukwila get when they call our team here at True Blue Roofing

We employ all our roofers, and ensure the manufacturers certify them to work with the products we install to mend your roof. That means you can relax safe in the knowledge that we will get the job done right first time. Contact us today for a free estimate.