Examples of Damage Caused by Snow Accumulation on Your Roof

When winter arrives each year, that means homes and businesses in Carnation will have to deal with an annual headache: snow accumulation on the roof. This buildup of snow can quickly turn into a financial nightmare if preventive steps are not on the task list and completed. Getting these steps taken care of will help avoid or repair the worst damage.

In this article, we will look at how to prevent the worst of this winter storm damage and fix problems when they arise.

When snow builds up on the roof of your home or business, it can affect two areas: the gutters and the roof. The former can break off under the weight of snow and ice, while the latter can leak or collapse. Neither is a good thing to occur at your home or business.

Prevent or Repair Damage Caused by Snow and Winter Storms in Carnation

To stop gutters from snapping off, you must clear any debris before winter sets in. Failure to clear any accumulated twigs, soil, and leaves puts your gutters at risk when the snow starts to fall. This is a critical issue, because when gutters are damaged or missing altogether, water will pour down exterior walls, and cause serious water damage. That is why it is essential to bring in a roof repair expert to reinstall gutters, or better still, avoid this problem with regular maintenance or the installation of a leaf-free gutter system.

The second major problem caused by snow accumulation on roofs is the impact on the roof itself. On average, a roof can take about twenty pounds of snow per square inch. However, when your roof contains debris that has built up over the year, this added weight can tip the balance and lead to a partial or complete roof collapse. Naturally, this will lead to water leaks and damage that can cost thousands of dollars for roof repairs or a full roof replacement. The best solution is to hire a roofing expert to clear your roof of any material before winter arrives.

Tackle Snow Accumulation on Roof Problems with True Blue Roofing

Whether it is to prevent snow from wreaking havoc on your roof and gutters, or fixing the winter storm damage it causes, you should always call in a roofing expert like True Blue Roofing. We can install leaf-free gutter systems and conduct gutter and roof maintenance.

We have been operating in Carnation for 24 years and are in the top 2% of Washington roofers. That means we have decades of tried and tested experience keeping roofs free from debris, as well as fixing gutters and roof damage.

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