The Risk of Ice Dams and Icicles on Rain Gutters on Carbonado Homes

During the winter months, Carbonado sees its fair share of snow and freezing temperatures. While icicles on your rain gutters might be pretty to look at, they are a serious threat to anyone beneath. Not only that, but the ice dams that lead to icicle formation can also cause serious roof damage.

Thankfully, working with a roofing expert can avoid worst-case scenarios, and the financial headache of a complete roof replacement. In this article, we will explain how icicles and ice dams form, what damage they can cause, and how they can be avoided.

Icicles form when snow and water accumulate, then freeze in your rain gutters. This usually occurs for one of two reasons. Firstly, leaves and debris may have clogged the gutter, preventing the water from escaping. Secondly, an ice dam could have formed when heavy snow buildup melts during the day, then freezes again as temperatures fall overnight.

These icicles, and the ice dams that can cause them, are dangerous. If the icicles are not removed, they can fall and injure people and pets below. Ice dams can also cause roof damage. This is because, after a few days of melting-freezing cycles, the melted water and ice can seep under the shingles. Water will then enter the attic and eventually damage your property’s ceilings, walls, and contents.

Preventing Icicles and Ice Dams is Possible with These Solutions

Thankfully, these ice dams and icicles can be prevented. One solution is to ventilate and insulate your attic and prevent the temperature fluctuations that form ice dams. Insulation prevents heat loss inside your property, while ventilation keeps the attic’s air cold enough to prevent or reduce the melt-freeze cycle on the roof. Another way to prevent roof damage, and potential roof replacement, is to keep your gutters clear by installing leaf-free gutter systems.

Avoid Icicles on Rain Gutters and Ice Dams with True Blue Roofing

While icicle and ice dam prevention seem straightforward, homeowners in Carbonado still have a tough choice to make: Which roofing contractor to hire?

The safest option is to hire a trusted expert with years of experience and fully trained staff like True Blue Roofing. With 24 years of experience working in Carbonado and the surrounding area, we know how to keep homes and businesses safe. We install leaf-free gutters and attic insulation that can prevent ice dams and icicles on your rain gutters.

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