Durable and Energy Efficient Metal Roof for Homes in Burien

A metal roof is the ideal solution for homeowners looking for a durable, hassle-free solution that also adds value to their home. This is especially important for roofs in areas like Burien, which are subjected to high rainfall and frequent storms. 

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  1. And yet protection from the elements is just one of the advantages of using this hard wearing material to roof your property. Here are three benefits to choosing a metal roof, and why you should always contact a professional like True Blue Roofing for a free roof estimate.

Three Reasons to Decide on a Metal Roof to Put on Your Burien Home

The most obvious reason to choose metal for your new roof is its durability and long lifespan. Compared to traditional asphalt shingles, which you need to replace every 15-20 years, a metal roof lasts 50 years or more. Once installed, they require less maintenance too, just checks where vent or gas pipes have penetrated the roof.

Energy efficiency is a less well-known benefit to choosing metal over asphalt. Metal roofs keep out warmth and retain heat from inside, making them ideal for Burien’s hot and chilly weather. Consequently, you will not only save money on heating bills, but also play your part in tackling the climate crisis. 

While metal roofs are more expensive to install than other materials, you will recoup some of the cost because they add value to your home. In fact, studies show that this material delivers an average 61% return on investment. And if you decide to sell your home, you can always pass on the warranty to your buyer, making the purchase even more desirable. Finally, because metal roofs are more durable, they add to your home’s curb appeal, making your home even easier to sell.

Why It Pays to Have True Blue Roofing Install Your Metal Roof

Despite the multiple advantages of choosing metal for your new roof in Burien, these depend on one key factor: proper installation. Failure to properly fit your roof will shorten its lifespan, hinder its energy efficiency, and invalidate its warranty. 


That is why it is essential to hire a company like True Blue Roofing. The product manufacturers train our team to install metal roofs. As a result, you can rest assured that the work will be done properly first time and comes with a valid product and labor guarantee. Contact us today for a free roof estimate.