How to Prevent Winter Storm Damage on the Roof of Your Black Diamond Home

Winter 2021 did not just bring record-cold temperatures to Black Diamond, but also winter storm damage to homes, and their roofs in particular. As we move into this year’s wintry weather season, homeowners in the area should expect more of the same.

Preventing Storm Damage Can Reduce Potential Repairs Later

Changing the weather might not be possible. Nevertheless, preventing storm damage and expensive roof repairs is an option when you know what problems snow, ice and wind can cause and how to avoid them.

The Three Common Types of Winter Storm Damage for Roofs

The most obvious threat to your roof is snow and ice. This is a particular problem in Black Diamond, which receives an average of 4-8 inches of snowfall between December and February. In the event of heavy snow – and a buildup of ice – an older, unmaintained roof may not take the added weight these bring. Consequently, the roof may become unstable and collapse. What is more, even a few inches of snow can damage old shingles, causing water to seep into your home. 

Strong wind is another factor that can cause severe winter storm damage. For instance, a gust of just 50mph can send branches onto roofs. Their impact can crack shingles, tear off gutters, and even pierce the roof itself. All of these are potential sources of water damage that, if not swiftly repaired, can lead to extensive damage to the inside of your home and costly roof repair bills. 

The final most common cause of winter storm damage are ice dams. If left to build up, ice dams can block your gutters, allowing water to build up and rot your sidings. This buildup can also cause your gutters to break off completely, sending water cascading down the walls of your property.

Repair Winter Storm Damage on Your House Roof with True Blue Roofing

Although completely preventing storm damage is impossible, you can minimize it by ensuring your roof is in undamaged shape before the worst winter weather hits. To do this properly, you should always call a roofing expert, like the team here at True Blue Roofing.

You can rest assured your roof will be prepared for winter when you entrust it to our team of experts. We have 24 years of experience maintaining and repairing roofs for homeowners in Black Diamond and the surrounding area. And we install certified roofs and sidings with a guaranteed product and a guaranteed labor warranty. Get ahead of winter storm damage, contact us today for a free quote.